Academic Resume

Assist. Prof. Dr. Dumitru BALEANU
Duty Unit Supervisor  
Nationality ROMANYA
Room No. R Blok 217
Telephone No. (312) 2331424
Academic Domain
 Mathematical Physics,Applied Mathematics
Academic Degree
University  :  University of Craiova
Faculty  :  Faculty of Natural Sciences
Department  :  Department of Physics
Country  :  Romanya
Graduation Year  :  1988
University  :  University of Bucharest
Graduate School  :  Faculty of Physics
Department  :  Department of Physics
Title of Thesis  :  Quantisation methods in quantum field theory.Applications
Country  :  Romania
Graduation Year  :  1989
University  :  Institute of Atomic Physics
Graduate School  :  University of Bucharest
Department  :  Department of Theoretical Physics
Title of Thesis  :  Contributions to studies of spaces with spin variables
Country  :  Romania
Graduation Year  :  1996
Academic Titles
     Asst.Prof.Dr.Çankaya University2001
     Assoc.Prof.Dr.Çankaya University
     Prof.Dr.Çankaya University
Foreign Languages
Last Publication
 New applications of fractional variational principles , D. Baleanu, Rep. Math. Phys. 61 (2), 199-206, (2008)
 The prize of the second IFAC Workshop on Fractional Differentiation and Its Applications,Porto, Portugal, (1996)