Çankaya Üniversitesi - Vision / Mission / Common and Fundamental Values of CU

Vision / Mission / Common and Fundamental Values of CU

Vision of Çankaya University is to be a university ,
  • providing high-quality higher education and training at world standards,
  • encouraging research and development at international level and producing knowledge,
  • considering public service within its primary objectives,
  • raising individuals who devote to/ stand as a protector of the democratic, secular, social
    and legal rights attributes of the Turkish Republic, and love their country and nation in particular,
    embracing all the humanity in general,
  • being respected within every section of the society.
  • to be a University giving importance to University-Industry collaboration, Respected by the whole society.
Mission of Çankaya University is to:

  • make basic and applied research at world standards,
  • raise young people who know very well how to produce, transmit, distribute and use knowledge,
  • put into practice the principles of good management within administration,
  • preserve and improve high-quality in education and training,
  • realize student and teaching staff mobility by cooperating with the outstanding universities of the world,
  • provide education which:
    • has universal values and equipped with modern knowledge;
    • has a developed ability of research and analitical thinking;
    • has an ability to work and research on interdisciplinary issues;
    • is reformist and creative;
    • has assimilated the principles and revolutions of Atatürk;
    • is productive and successful in the work life;
    • can raise individuals who master their surroundings.
    • to transfer its knowledge to the industry and society using University-Industry collaboration and transfer of technology; To cooperate with the world's prominent univervities in order to achieve student and instructor exchange
Common and fundamental values of Çankaya University are:

  • interdisciplinary approach,
  • academic freedom,
  • scientific approach,
  • support, care and tolerance to students,
  • public service,
  • good administration,
  • participatory management,
  • lifelong learning,
  • equal treatment of all individuals without discrimination based on gender,
    religion, language, race and nationality,
  • loyalty to the values of Turkish Republic founded by Atatürk,
  • belief in Turkish country and nation in particular, and in humanity in general,
  • love and respect to Anatolian and Turkish culture and traditions.