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Academic Officers
Prof. Dr. ÇOĞUN, Can Office of the Rector, Rector
Prof. Dr. GEÇİM, H. Selçuk Office of the Vice Rectors, Vice Rectore-mail
Prof. Dr. GÜLGEÇ, Müfit Office of the Vice Rectors, Vice Rectore-mail
Prof. Dr. AKKOYUNLU, Buket Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Deane-mail
Prof. Dr. İDER, Sıtkı Kemal Faculty of Engineering, Deane-mail
Prof. Dr. TANRIBİLİR, Feriha Bilge Faculty of Law, Deane-mail
Prof. Dr. ÖCAL, Nadir Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Deane-mail
Prof. Dr. TÜREL, Ali Faculty of Architecture, Acting Deane-mail
Prof. Dr. UZUNDEMİR, Özlem Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Vice Deane-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ER AKAN, Aslı Faculty of Architecture, Vice Deane-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. MARAŞ, Hadi Hakan Faculty of Engineering, Vice Deane-mail
Prof. Dr. YAZICI, Mehmet Graduate School of Social Sciences, Directore-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ESEN, Ziya Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Directore-mail
Dr. Instructor PUSATLI, Özgür Tolga Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vice Directore-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. BAYILLIOĞLU, Uğur Graduate School of Social Sciences, Vice Directore-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. KEÇELİOĞLU, Elvan Vocational School of Justice, Directore-mail
Dr. Instructor ÖKDEM, Meltem Vocational School of Justice, Vice Directore-mail
Dr. Instructor YAŞAR, Nermin Çankaya Vocational School, Vice Directore-mail
Dr. Instructor ÖZSAÇMACI, Bülent Çankaya Vocational School, Directore-mail
Prof. Dr. BÜYÜKKANTARCIOĞLU, Sakibe Nalan Department of Foreign Languages, Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. GÜLER, İpek Department of Inter-Curricular Courses, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. UZUNDEMİR, Özlem Department of English Language and Literature, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. KOÇ, Ertuğrul Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies (English), Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. GÖNCÜ KÖSE, Aslı Department of Psychology, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. JARAD, Fahd Department of Mathematics, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. GÜNALP, Burak Department of Economics, Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. TAŞ, Ayşegül Department of Management, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. NAKİP, Mahir Department of International Trade, Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ÇOBAN ÖZTÜRK, Ebru Department of Political Science and International Relations, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. SOLAKOĞLU, Mehmet Nihat Department of Banking and Finance, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. USLU, Zeynep Armağan Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. TANRIBİLİR, Feriha Bilge Department of Public Law, Entrusted to Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. ÇÖRTOĞLU, İbrahim Sahir Private Law Department, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. İDER, Sıtkı Kemal Department of Computer Engineering, Entrusted to Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. ÇETİNKAYA, Ferda Can Department of Industrial Engineering, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. İDER, Sıtkı Kemal Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Entrusted to Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. TÜRKOĞLU, Haşmet Department of Mechanical Engineering , Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ESEN, Ziya Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Head of Departmente-mail
Dr. Instructor BELDEK, Ulaş Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Acting Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. GÖĞÜŞ, Mustafa Department of Civil Engineering, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. BAYKAL, Yahya Kemal Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Head of Departmente-mail
Prof. Dr. SEVER, Hayri Department of Software Engineering, Head of Departmente-mail
Dr. Instructor AKBAY YENİGÜL, Saadet Department of Interior Architecture, Acting Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ULUKAVAK HARPUTLUGİL, Gülsu Department of Architecture, Head of Departmente-mail
Assoc. Prof. Dr. KAHRAMAN, Zerrin Ezgi Department of City and Regional Planning, Head of Departmente-mail