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Courses Offered in 2023-2024 Spring Semester

Course CodeCourse NameWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
 WebOnline Web Page
 Preparatory School Web Page
ADA 102Keyboard Usage IIWeekly Schedule
ADA 104Computer Operating IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ADA 106Techniques of Office ManagementWeekly Schedule
ADA 108Knowledge of Administrative LawWeekly Schedule
ADA 110Knowledge of Private Law II (Family Law/Property Law/Law of Successions)Weekly Schedule
ADA 112Knowledge of Law of Civil ProcedureWeekly Schedule
ADA 113Public Relations and Vocational CommunicationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ADA 115Land Registry and Candastre OperationsWeekly Schedule
ADA 202Keyboard Usage IVWeekly Schedule
ADA 204Professional Computer IIWeekly Schedule
ADA 206Knowledge of Labor and Social Security LawWeekly Schedule
ADA 208Knowledge of Prison Administration and Law on Criminal ExecutionWeekly Schedule
ADA 210Legislation on Editorial OfficeWeekly Schedule
ADA 212Knowledge of Law of Advocacy and NotaryWeekly Schedule
ADA 214Knowledge of Code of Quashing II ( Law of Bankruptcy)Weekly Schedule
ADA 216Knowledge of Criminal Procedure LawWeekly Schedule
ADA 218Knowledge of Stamp Tax and FeesWeekly Schedule
ADA 224Knowledge of Public Procurement LawWeekly Schedule
ADA 228Academic Success and Life SkillsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
AİIT 101Principles of Kemal AtatürkWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ALM 101German IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ALM 102German IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 102Introduction to Architectural DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 104Architectural History IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 122Introduction to Engineering MechanicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 131Technical DrawingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 132Architectural DrawingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 202Architectural Design Studio IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 204Architectural History IIIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 214Innovative Digital Applications IIWeekly Schedule
ARCH 216Building Science IWeekly Schedule
ARCH 234Construction Systems IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 238Innovative Structural ApplicationsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 302Architectural Design Studio IVWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 304History of Architectural Conservation in TurkeyWeekly Schedule
ARCH 314Contemporary Architectural TheoriesWeekly Schedule
ARCH 316Heritage DocumentationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 320Principles of City Planning and Urban DesignWeekly Schedule
ARCH 359Thinking Reading Writing on Ottoman ArchitectureWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 402Architectural Design Studio VIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 411Culture, Cognition and Creativity in Architectural DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 415Understanding Multi-Layered Historic CitiesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 426Green Building Certification SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 438Critical Approaches to Architectural TheoryWeekly Schedule
ARCH 442Occupational Health and Safety IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 444Architectural Design Decision Support SystemsWeekly Schedule
ARCH 501Research Methods and Ethics in ArchitectureWeekly Schedule
ARCH 504Numerical Modeling of Structures Systems in ArchitecturalWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 505Ottoman-Turkish Architecture in the 19th and early 20th CenturiesWeekly Schedule
ARCH 523Contemporary Architectural Texts Reshaping Architectural Theory and PraticeWeekly Schedule
ARCH 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
ARCH 616Principles of Design, Assessment and Certification of Green BuildingsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 622Cultural Origins of Human Cognition and Its Implications for Architectural DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ARCH 699ThesisWeekly Schedule
BAF 304Banking AccountingWeekly Schedule
BAF 306Financial Statement AnalysisWeekly Schedule
BAF 312Financial Markets LaboratoryWeekly Schedule
BAF 432Finance SeminarsWeekly Schedule
BAI 218Computer Application in FinanceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
BAI 222International FinanceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
BAI 228Insurance Operations and InstitutionsWeekly Schedule
BAI 230Financial Markets and InstitutionsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
BAI 232Case Studies in BankingWeekly Schedule
CE 102Introduction to Civil EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CE 104Engineering GeologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CE 200Summer Practice IWeekly Schedule
CE 222Engineering Mechanics: DynamicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CE 224Mechanics of MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CE 242Materials of ConstructionWeekly Schedule
CE 270Fluid MechanicsWeekly Schedule
CE 300Summer Practice IIWeekly Schedule
CE 332Project Management in Civil EngineeringWeekly Schedule
CE 344Computer Applications in Construction MaterialsWeekly Schedule
CE 352Transportation EngineeringWeekly Schedule
CE 362Foundation EngineeringWeekly Schedule
CE 372Water Resources EngineeringWeekly Schedule
CE 382Reinforced Concrete StructuresWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CE 416Civil Engineering Design IIWeekly Schedule
CE 444Materials for Infrastructural ApplicationsWeekly Schedule
CE 454Highway Materials and Mix DesignWeekly Schedule
CE 462Deep Excavations and Retaining StructuresWeekly Schedule
CE 472Sediment Transport and ScourWeekly Schedule
CE 476Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Hydraulics)Weekly Schedule
CE 484Pre-stressed Concrete FundamentalsWeekly Schedule
CE 552Pavement Design and EvaluationWeekly Schedule
CE 566Advanced Deep ExcavationsWeekly Schedule
CE 590Graduate Seminar in Civil EngineeringWeekly Schedule
CE 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
CE 599Master of Science Thesis in Civil EngineeringWeekly Schedule
CEC 103Career PlanningWeekly Schedule
CEC 104Philosophy of ScienceWeekly Schedule
CEC 108Introduction to Education (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
CEC 109Classroom Management (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
CEC 110Instructional Technologies (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly Schedule
CEC 111Teaching Principles and Methods (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly Schedule
CEC 113Measurement and Evaluation in Education (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly Schedule
CEC 114Guidance and Special Education (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly Schedule
CEC 115Teaching Practice (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly Schedule
CEC 116Subject-Specific Teaching Methods (Pedagogical Formation Course)Weekly Schedule
CEC 210Fictional Text AnalysesWeekly Schedule
CEC 212Academic Success and Life SkillsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CEC 214Effective Time Management TechniquesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CEC 216Literature and CinemaWeekly Schedule
CEC 224History of CivilizationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CEC 226History of ScienceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 111Computer Programming IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 114Computer Programming IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 124Discrete StructuresWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 162Computer ProgrammingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 198Introduction to Computer ProgrammingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 218Data StructuresWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 222Computer OrganizationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 236Numerical AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 328Operating SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 356Database Management SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 382Web DevelopmentWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 383AlgorithmsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 396Software EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 408Innovative System Design and Development IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 442Programming LanguagesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 462Digital Image ProcessingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 476Big DataWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 480Machine LearningWeekly Schedule
CENG 481Artificial Neural NetworksWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 497Computer GraphicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 502Advanced Computer Networks and CommunicationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 520Information SecurityWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 567Data MiningWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 590Graduate SeminarWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 592Graduate ProjectWeekly Schedule
CENG 599Ms ThesisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 623Artificial Neural NetworksWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 685Selected Topics in Computer Engineering IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 690PhD SeminarWeekly Schedule
CENG 696PhD Qualification Studies and ExamWeekly Schedule
CENG 699Ph.D. ThesisWeekly Schedule
CHEM 103Chemistry IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CPR 102Computer Programming IIWeekly Schedule
CPR 106Web ProgrammingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CPR 108Computer HardwareWeekly Schedule
CPR 204Software ProjectWeekly Schedule
CPR 208Operating SystemsWeekly Schedule
CPR 212Database ManagementWeekly Schedule
CPR 260Embedded System DesignsWeekly Schedule
CRP 102Introduction to Planning StudiosWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 122Introduction to Information TechnologiesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 128Topographical Measurement and Site PlanningWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 202Planning Studio IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 222Urban GeographyWeekly Schedule
CRP 228City in History IWeekly Schedule
CRP 230Urban SociologyWeekly Schedule
CRP 302Planning Studio IVWeekly Schedule
CRP 324The Economics of Urban PlanningWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 330Planning TheoryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 332Environment, Risk and Mitigation PlanningWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CRP 380Visual Representations in PlanningWeekly Schedule
CRP 384Principles of Public Space DesignWeekly Schedule
CRP 386Digital Design and Visualization in Urban Planning IIWeekly Schedule
CRP 388Planning for Climate Sensitive Cities within Renewable Energy PerspectiveWeekly Schedule
CRP 390Real Estate DevelopmentWeekly Schedule
CRP 402Planning Studio VIWeekly Schedule
CRP 422Professional Practice and Ethics in Planning Weekly Schedule
DSGN 614Creativity in DesignWeekly Schedule
DSGN 624Environmental Psychology: Application to DesignWeekly Schedule
DSGN 635Advanced Research Methods and EthicsWeekly Schedule
DSGN 690Research Paper / SeminarWeekly Schedule
DSGN 699PhD DissertationWeekly Schedule
ECM 104Digital MarketingWeekly Schedule
ECM 106Introduction to AdvertisingWeekly Schedule
ECON 101Introduction to Economics IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 102Introduction to Economics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 104Analysis of Economic and Financial DataWeekly Schedule
ECON 206MacroeconomicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 208Microeconomic Theory IIWeekly Schedule
ECON 210Macroeconomic Theory IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 312Econometrics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 318International Economics IIWeekly Schedule
ECON 320Fiscal Policy and Public FinanceWeekly Schedule
ECON 412Seminar in EconomicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 414Labor EconomicsWeekly Schedule
ECON 430Game Theory with Economic ApplicationsWeekly Schedule
ECON 442Topics in MacroeconomicsWeekly Schedule
ECON 450Applied MacroeconomicsWeekly Schedule
ECON 503MacroeconomicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 506Money and BankingWeekly Schedule
ECON 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
EE 104Introduction to Electronics EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 154Computer Programming for Electrical - Electronics EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 200Summer Training IWeekly Schedule
EE 202Numerical Methods forEngineersWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 204Signals and SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 206Electrical Circuit Analysis IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 208Electronics IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 212Electromagnetic Wave TheoryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 300Summer Training IIWeekly Schedule
EE 304Telecommunications EssentialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 326Power ElectronicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 402Applied Telecommunication DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 408Innovative Engineering Design and ImplementationWeekly Schedule
EE 451Antenna TheoryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 452Microwave Circuit DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 455Performance Management of Computer NetworksWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 457Traffic Management of Internet ProtocolWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 465Power SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 467Digital Signal ProcessingWeekly Schedule
EE 472Linear Systems: Control Design and AnalysisWeekly Schedule
EE 501Linear SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 522Special Topics in Power ElectronicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 533Telecommunication NetworksWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 551Antenna Analysis and DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
EE 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
ELL 122Reading and Analysis IIWeekly Schedule
ELL 124Academic Writing IIWeekly Schedule
ELL 130British Culture and SocietyWeekly Schedule
ELL 132Introduction to Literature IIWeekly Schedule
ELL 136Classical LiteratureWeekly Schedule
ELL 224Literary TranslationWeekly Schedule
ELL 234Survey of English Literature IIWeekly Schedule
ELL 236Interdisciplinary Studies Weekly Schedule
ELL 282Medieval and Early Modern LiteratureWeekly Schedule
ELL 344ShakespeareWeekly Schedule
ELL 36219th Century FictionWeekly Schedule
ELL 363Detective and Crime FictionWeekly Schedule
ELL 37419th Century PoetryWeekly Schedule
ELL 392Literary Theory IIWeekly Schedule
ELL 435Literature and the Visual ArtsWeekly Schedule
ELL 442Drama IIWeekly Schedule
ELL 468Contemporary FictionWeekly Schedule
ELL 472Contemporary PoetryWeekly Schedule
ELL 54119th-Century Literature IWeekly Schedule
ELL 590SeminarWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ELL 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
ELL 641Special Topics in LiteratureWeekly Schedule
ELL 699ThesisWeekly Schedule
ENG 110English IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ENG 122Academic English IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ENG 222Academic Presentation SkillsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ESR 103Ethical Principles and Social ResponsibilityWeekly Schedule
FTP 116Principles of AccountingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
FTP 122Management FundamentalsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
FTP 124Foreign Trade LogisticsWeekly Schedule
FTP 202International Economic PolicyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
FTP 206E-CommerceWeekly Schedule
FTP 214International MarketingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
FTP 227Economic Development and Foreign TradeWeekly Schedule
HIST 201Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HIST 202Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HIST 205Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HIST 206Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HİR 102Marketing CommunicationWeekly Schedule
HİR 104Sociology of Media and CultureWeekly Schedule
HİR 108Basic Concepts of Public Relations IIWeekly Schedule
HİR 112ScenarioWeekly Schedule
HİR 114Advertising DesignWeekly Schedule
HİR 206Global MarketingWeekly Schedule
HİR 208Communication Law and EthicWeekly Schedule
HİR 210Consumer psychology and BehaviourWeekly Schedule
HİR 212EditingWeekly Schedule
HİR 214Social Structure of TurkeyWeekly Schedule
HİR 302Crisis CommunicationWeekly Schedule
HİR 304İmage ManagementWeekly Schedule
HİR 306Content Production in Social MediaWeekly Schedule
HİR 308Persuasion and Social İmpactWeekly Schedule
HİR 317Presentation TechniquesWeekly Schedule
HİR 400InternshipWeekly Schedule
HİR 402Public DiplomacyWeekly Schedule
HİR 404Graduation Project IIWeekly Schedule
HİR 406Advertising ApplicationsWeekly Schedule
HİR 409AI Applications in PR and Advertising Weekly Schedule
HİR 419Contemporary Sociological TheoriesWeekly Schedule
HİR 424Image Production IIWeekly Schedule
HUK 103EconomicsWeekly Schedule
HUK 111Civil LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 113Introduction to LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 121Constitutional to LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 123Roman LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 125The Theories of StateWeekly Schedule
HUK 202AccountingWeekly Schedule
HUK 207Turkish Legal HistoryWeekly Schedule
HUK 213Law of Obligations (General Provisions)Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 217International LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 218The Methodology of LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 226Child LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 231Criminal Law (General Provisions)Weekly Schedule
HUK 241Administrative LawWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 261Public FinanceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 302Philosophy of LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 310Consumer HukukuWeekly Schedule
HUK 313Law of Obligations (Special Provisions)Weekly Schedule
HUK 315Law of PropertyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 317Law of Civil ProcedureWeekly Schedule
HUK 321Administrative JurisdictionWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 331Criminal Law (Special Provisions)Weekly Schedule
HUK 361Law of TaxationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 371Commercial Law IWeekly Schedule
HUK 380Legal Clinic IWeekly Schedule
HUK 383Sports LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 415Law of InheritanceWeekly Schedule
HUK 417Execution - Bankruptcy LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 419Private International LawWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 421Forensic MedicineWeekly Schedule
HUK 429Human Rights and Its International ProtectionWeekly Schedule
HUK 430International Civil Aviation LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 431Law of Criminal ProcedureWeekly Schedule
HUK 432Advocacy and Notary LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 463Labor LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 464Social Security LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 471Commercial Law IIWeekly Schedule
HUK 530Transport LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 538Legal RemediesWeekly Schedule
HUK 539EU Public FinanceWeekly Schedule
HUK 542Tort LiabilityWeekly Schedule
HUK 546European Convention on Human Rights and ApplicationWeekly Schedule
HUK 552ECHR Case-law and TaxationWeekly Schedule
HUK 557Method in LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 559Conceptual and Legal Aspects of Human RightsWeekly Schedule
HUK 560Crimes Against PersonsWeekly Schedule
HUK 562Cancellation of Labor Contract and Legal ConsequencesWeekly Schedule
HUK 566Standardized Terms of ContractsWeekly Schedule
HUK 568Actual Development on Theory of Public ServiceWeekly Schedule
HUK 570Energy LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 574Law and PoliticsWeekly Schedule
HUK 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
HUK 599ThesisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 602Judicial Audition of Constitution AmendmentsWeekly Schedule
HUK 606Problems of Tax LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 632Value Theory in LawWeekly Schedule
HUK 648Law of Maritime DelimitationWeekly Schedule
HUK 650Multiple Offender CrimesWeekly Schedule
HUK 696Proficiency ExamWeekly Schedule
HUK 699ThesisWeekly Schedule
IAGR 539Building Types and ProgrammingWeekly Schedule
IAGR 590Graduate SeminarWeekly Schedule
IAGR 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
IE 101Industrial Engineering OrientationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 200Practical Training IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 202Work Study and ErgonomicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 218Computer Applications in Industrial EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 228Engineering StatisticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 230Introduction to Probability and StatisticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 232Operations Research I - ModellingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 300Practical Training IIWeekly Schedule
IE 302Facilities Design and LocationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 326Quality EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 327System SimulationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 345Engineering EconomyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 364Production Information SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 366Manufacturing and Service Systems Planning IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 408Systems' Design and ImplementationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 412Applied Time Series AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 428Quality Management SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 435Decision AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 446Project Engineering ManagementWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 464Law for EngineersWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 502Stochastic ProcessesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 512Decision AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 552Heuristic Methods for OptimizationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 590Graduate SeminarWeekly Schedule
IE 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
INAR 102Introduction to Interior DesignWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 122Human FactorsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 166History of Arts & ArchitectureWeekly Schedule
INAR 185Drawing StandardsWeekly Schedule
INAR 186Basics of Construction and MaterialsWeekly Schedule
INAR 188Structural PrinciplesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 201Interior Design Studio IWeekly Schedule
INAR 202Interior Design Studio IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 220Computer Applications IIWeekly Schedule
INAR 226Indoor Thermal ComfortWeekly Schedule
INAR 266Contemporary ArchitectureWeekly Schedule
INAR 271Free-DrawingWeekly Schedule
INAR 288Design Details and Finishing MaterialsWeekly Schedule
INAR 301Interior Design Studio IIIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 302Interior Design Studio IVWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 326Architectural AcousticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 332Modular SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 342Urban InteriorsWeekly Schedule
INAR 346Color PrinciplesWeekly Schedule
INAR 355Building MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 377Light in SpacesWeekly Schedule
INAR 384User Needs and Satisfaction in Interior ArchitectureWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INAR 402Interior Design Studio VIWeekly Schedule
INAR 427Colour Design and PracticesWeekly Schedule
INAR 446Green Building Certificate SystemsWeekly Schedule
INAR 461Building Information Modelling: ArchiCADWeekly Schedule
INF 208Introduction to ComputerWeekly Schedule
ING 102English IIWeekly Schedule
INTT 102Introduction to International Trade IIWeekly Schedule
INTT 104Computer Applications in International TradeWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 106Basic Commercial RegulationsWeekly Schedule
INTT 204Principles of FinanceWeekly Schedule
INTT 234German IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 238Russian IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 304Marketing Management and StrategiesWeekly Schedule
INTT 308Export Incentives (T)Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 318International Business StudiesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 320Operations Research for International TradeWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 324International Trade Theory and Policy IIWeekly Schedule
INTT 334German IVWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 336Chinese IVWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 338Russian IVWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 400Summer PracticeWeekly Schedule
INTT 404Foreign Trade FinancingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 414International Sales Management and Negotiation TechniquesWeekly Schedule
INTT 416European Union and TurkeyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 426Logistics ManagementWeekly Schedule
INTT 430Intercultural Management and NegotiationWeekly Schedule
INTT 504International Trade Theory and PolicyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
INTT 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
INTT 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
IT 526Object Oriented ProgrammingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IT 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
IT 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
IT 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
ITAL 101Italian IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
İSG 502Law of Occupational Health and SafetyWeekly Schedule
İSG 505Risk Analysis and Emergency ManagementWeekly Schedule
İSG 506Accident Researches, Investigations and Safety SystemsWeekly Schedule
İSG 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
İSG 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
İVA 501Data Engineering and Programming TechniquesWeekly Schedule
İVA 502Advanced Mathematical Modeling and OptimizationWeekly Schedule
İVA 503Data Management and AnalysisWeekly Schedule
İVA 506Quantitative Methods in EconomicsWeekly Schedule
İVA 515Big Data Technologies and ApplicationsWeekly Schedule
İVA 525Artificial İntelligenceWeekly Schedule
İVA 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
İVA 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
KENT 503Theoretical Framework of Urban Design and TransformationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
KENT 531Urban Design and Transformation Studio IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
KENT 564Environment PlanningWeekly Schedule
KENT 590Graduate Seminar/Graduate ProjectWeekly Schedule
KENT 599Graduate Thesis (only for Thesis Program)Weekly Schedule
KENT 699Doctoral thesis Weekly Schedule
LAW 102Constitutional LawWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
LAW 105Law for Business and EconomicsWeekly Schedule
LAW 106Introduction to LawWeekly Schedule
LAW 202International Law IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 102Introduction to ManagementWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 202Principles of Accounting IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 206Operations ManagementWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 212Organization TheoryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 214Business CommunicationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 216Taxation in BusinessWeekly Schedule
MAN 306Business Finance IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 308Human Resources ManagementWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 312Foundations of FinanceWeekly Schedule
MAN 316Operations ResearchWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 403Marketing ResearchWeekly Schedule
MAN 404Strategic ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 420Small Business ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 424LeadershipWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 426Brand ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 431Human in OrganizationsWeekly Schedule
MAN 432Management for EngineersWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 448Digital Financial LiteracyWeekly Schedule
MAN 511Marketing ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 513Financial ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 524Strategic Planning and ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 526Contemporary Management TechniquesWeekly Schedule
MAN 527Research Methods for BusinessWeekly Schedule
MAN 542Strategic Marketing ModelsWeekly Schedule
MAN 553Human Resources ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 561Business Ethics and Social ResponsibilityWeekly Schedule
MAN 567LeadershipWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 569Strategic AnalysisWeekly Schedule
MAN 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
MAN 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
MAN 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
MAN 617Organizational BehaviorWeekly Schedule
MAN 621Microeconomic TheoryWeekly Schedule
MAN 633Research Methods IIWeekly Schedule
MAN 634Financial Econometrics IIWeekly Schedule
MAN 640Social Sciences PhilosophyWeekly Schedule
MAN 699Ph.D. DissertationWeekly Schedule
MATH 104Discrete StructuresWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 106Business Mathematics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 112Mathematics for Economics and Social Sciences IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 146Abstract MathematicsWeekly Schedule
MATH 154Calculus IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 157Calculus for Engineering IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 158Calculus for Engineering IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 205Basic Linear AlgebraWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 234Linear Algebra IIWeekly Schedule
MATH 252Advanced Calculus IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 253Vector Calculus and Linear AlgebraWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 254Introduction to Differential EquationsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 282Numerical AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 332Introduction to Financial MathematicsWeekly Schedule
MATH 346Elementary Number TheoryWeekly Schedule
MATH 354Complex CalculusWeekly Schedule
MATH 371Introduction to Fractional Differental EquationsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 410Special FunctionsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 422Introduction to Mathematical BiologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 452Functional AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 490Graduation ProjectWeekly Schedule
MATH 501AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 521Theory of Ordinary Differential EquationsWeekly Schedule
MATH 552Numerical Methods for EngineersWeekly Schedule
MATH 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
ME 102Mechanical Engineering OrientationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 113Computer Aided Engineering Drawing IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 114Computer Aided Engineering Drawing IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 200Summer Training IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 202Strength of MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 203StaticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 206DynamicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 210Manufacturing ProcessesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 212Thermodynamics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 300Summer Training IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 302Theory of Machines IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 304Fluid Mechanics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 308Machine Elements IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 312Experimentation and MeasurementWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 386Introduction to Automatic ControlWeekly Schedule
ME 402Introduction to Finite Element AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 408Innovative Engineering Design and ImplementationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 410Metal CuttingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 414Mechanical Engineering Laboratory IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 415Design of Thermal SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 424Introduction to Construction MachineryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 445Computer Aided Design and ManufacturingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 451Non-Destructive Testing of MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 463Computational Fluid DynamicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 590SeminarWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
ME 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
ME 611Advanced Conduction Heat TransferWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 624Spatial and Analytical DynamicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 654Computational Fluid DynamicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 664Finite Element MethodWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 690SeminarWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 696PhD Qualification Studies and ExamWeekly Schedule
ME 699Ph.D. ThesisWeekly Schedule
MECE 104Fundamentals of Mechatronics EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 114Computer Aided Engineering Drawing IIWeekly Schedule
MECE 200Summer Training IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 202Strength of MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 206DynamicsWeekly Schedule
MECE 215Fundamentals of Thermal SystemsWeekly Schedule
MECE 218Principles of Signals and Systems + Lab.Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 232Advanced Electrical Circuit Analysis + Lab.Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 240Electromechanical Energy ConversionWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 246Fundamentals of Electronics + Lab.Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 300Summer Training IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 302Sensors and Measurement + Lab.Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 307Machine Elements IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 308Mechatronics System Design IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 336Microprocessors + Lab.Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 388Automatic Control System + Lab.Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 408Innovative Engineering Design and ImplementationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 444Pattern RecognitionWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 548Linear System Theory IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MECE 587OptimizationWeekly Schedule
MECE 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
MECE 592ProjectsWeekly Schedule
MECE 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
MIS 102Principles of Business and ManagementWeekly Schedule
MIS 202Economics of Information and ManagementWeekly Schedule
MIS 204Computer NetworksWeekly Schedule
MIS 302Data Analytics IIWeekly Schedule
MIS 311Data Visualization and Communication for BusinessWeekly Schedule
MNT 503Nanoscale Synthesis and CharacterizationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MNT 509BiomaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MNT 512Phase transformations and KineticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MNT 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
MNT 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
MNT 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
MSE 225Introduction to Materials ScienceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MSE 226Engineering MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MSE 427Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials and DevicesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PHIL 102Introduction to PhilosophyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PHYS 131Physics IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PHYS 132Physics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PMY 501Introduction to BusinessWeekly Schedule
PMY 502Marketing ResearchWeekly Schedule
PMY 503MicroeconomicsWeekly Schedule
PMY 504Strategic Brand ManagementWeekly Schedule
PMY 510Global Marketing StrategyWeekly Schedule
PMY 514Digital MarketingWeekly Schedule
PMY 515New Trends in Marketing ManagementWeekly Schedule
PMY 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
PREP 110A1 LevelWeekly Schedule
PREP 111A2 LevelWeekly Schedule
PREP 112B1 LevelWeekly Schedule
PREP 113B2 LevelWeekly Schedule
PREP 114B2+ LevelWeekly Schedule
PSI 102International Relations IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 104Political Science IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 202Diplomatic History IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 204Turkish Politics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 207Research Methodsin Political ScienceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 302Turkish Foreign Policy IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 305Comparative Foreign Policy AnalysisWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 308International OrganizationsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 310Political TheoryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 321Gender and SocietyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 329Cinema and Politics: How the Past Is Remembered in FilmsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 408Politics in the Middle EastWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 412Political SociologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 418Turkey-EU RelationsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 436Comparative PoliticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 502Political Theory IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 509International Security and Strategy Weekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 521Social GenderWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
PSI 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
PSI 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
PSY 102Introduction to Psychology IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 114Research Methods IIWeekly Schedule
PSY 216Statistics for Psychology IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 222Developmental Psychology IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 252Social Psychology IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 282Experimental Psychology I: PerceptionWeekly Schedule
PSY 322Developmental PsychopathologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 342PsychopathologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 346Clinical Psychology II: Observation and Interview TechniquesWeekly Schedule
PSY 388Physiological PsychologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 403LeadershipWeekly Schedule
PSY 408Human MemoryWeekly Schedule
PSY 410Neuropsychological TestsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 482Selective Topics in Industrial and Organizational PsychologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 484Selective Topics in Clinical PsychologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 486Selective Topics in Cognitive PsychologyWeekly Schedule
PSY 490Disaster and Trauma PsychologyWeekly Schedule
PSY 502Advanced Research Methods and Statistical Analyses for Psychology IIWeekly Schedule
PSY 506The Self in Social ContextsWeekly Schedule
PSY 527Neuropsychology and Neuropsychological ApplicationsWeekly Schedule
PSY 536Independent Study in Cognitive PsychologyWeekly Schedule
PSY 538Advanced Topics in Cognitive PsychologyWeekly Schedule
PSY 542Advanced Topics in Personnel SelectionWeekly Schedule
PSY 590Prothesis Seminar in PsychologyWeekly Schedule
PSY 599Master's ThesisWeekly Schedule
RME 500Research Methods and EthicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
RUS 101Russian IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
RUS 102Russian IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
SENG 102Computer Programming IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
SENG 106Computational ThinkingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
SENG 205Software Requirement AnalysisWeekly Schedule
SENG 216Introduction to Game Design and DevelopmentWeekly Schedule
SENG 272Software Project IIWeekly Schedule
SENG 306Database Modelling and DesignWeekly Schedule
SENG 326Software ArchitectureWeekly Schedule
SENG 352Data Analysis with PythonWeekly Schedule
SENG 384Software Project IVWeekly Schedule
SENG 430Software Quality Assurance LaboratoryWeekly Schedule
SENG 438Software Process ManagementWeekly Schedule
SENG 460Introduction to Deep LearningWeekly Schedule
SENG 477Data Intensive ApplicationsWeekly Schedule
SENG 491Graduation Project IWeekly Schedule
SENG 492Graduation Project IIWeekly Schedule
SOC 102Introduction to SociologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
SPAN 101Spanish IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
SPAN 102Spanish IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
STAT 102Statistics for PlannersWeekly Schedule
STAT 202Statistics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
STAT 206Statistics for Economics IIWeekly Schedule
THEA 252Home DecorationWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
THEA 270CeramicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
THEA 274Stained GlassWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
THEA 280Painting IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 102Advanced Reading and Writing Skills in EnglishWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 104Comparative English-Turkish Grammar IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 106Oral Communication in English IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 108Introduction to Translation II: Turkish-EnglishWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 184Lexis and Terminology IIWeekly Schedule
TINS 232Theories of TranslationWeekly Schedule
TINS 234Active Listening and Note-taking IIWeekly Schedule
TINS 236Translation-oriented Discourse AnalysisWeekly Schedule
TINS 238Précis Writing and Translation IIWeekly Schedule
TINS 272Social Institutions in TurkeyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 332Special Topics in Translation: EU TextsWeekly Schedule
TINS 334Interpreting IIWeekly Schedule
TINS 336Research Methods in Translation StudiesWeekly Schedule
TINS 338Special Topics in Translation: Economics and Administrative SciencesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 372Popular Culture and LiteratureWeekly Schedule
TINS 374Language of JournalismWeekly Schedule
TINS 442Publishing and EditingWeekly Schedule
TINS 444Special Topics in Translation: International Relations and DiplomacyWeekly Schedule
TINS 446Professional Standards and PracticesWeekly Schedule
TINS 448Applied Translation StudiesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 452Conference Interpreting IIWeekly Schedule
TINS 454Consecutive Interpreting IIWeekly Schedule
TINS 470Translation ProjectWeekly Schedule
TINS 472Dubbing and Subtitling IIWeekly Schedule
TURK 101Turkish IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TURK 102Turkish IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TURK 103TurkishWeekly Schedule
TURK 106Turkish for Foreign Students IIWeekly Schedule
UTL 503Theory of International EconomicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
UTL 505International Logistics ManagementWeekly Schedule
UTL 508International Marketing ResearchWeekly Schedule
UTL 516European Union & Turkey : Economic Corperation & IntegrationWeekly Schedule
UTL 590SeminarWeekly Schedule
UTL 592ProjectWeekly Schedule
UTL 599ThesisWeekly Schedule
YBD 109English IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
YBD 209English IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
YTE 506Construction Project IIWeekly Schedule
YTE 590SeminarWeekly Schedule