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General Information

Terms of Acceptance to Our University and Registrations
Candidates who apply to our university are placed to our faculties by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). Registrations are done every year by the Directorate of Student Affairs of Çankaya University within the dates determined by OSYM.

Medium of Instruction
Çankaya University is an English medium university except for the Faculty of Law, the Vocational School of Justice and Public Relations and Advertising Department. Students who are evaluated to be unqualified for English attend the Preparatory School of English for a year.

Academic Programs
Çankaya University possesses 5 faculties with 21 departments; 2 institutes with 26 postgradute master programs and 9 Ph.D programs; 2 vocational schools with 4 programs; and one English preparatory school to support English language education.

Academic Year
One academic year consists of two semesters each of which includes at least 14 weeks. Lessons are are designed for one semester.

Summer School 
Lasting for 7 weeks, summer school is given during the summer term in addition to the fall and spring terms. The purpose of summer education is to enhance the productivity of education, give students the opportunity to benefit from educational facilities during summer months, give students another chance to make up for the lessons they have failed before, and to give successful students a chance to graduate earlier. As summer school offers paid education, students who wish to take lessons during this term are required to pay the per credit tuition fee determined for that year by the Board of Trustees. A student can take up to 3 lessons at most provided that he/she has not exceeded 12 credits. Summer school scholarship is granted to the students who are placed to our university by OSYM with full scholarship, 50% scholarship and 25% scholarship (except for Preparatory School); these students can benefit from their full scholarship, 50% scholarship, and 25% scholarship for two of the lessons offered for that summer term.

Undergraduate  transfers
Students may apply for transfer between  the higher education institutions (universities)  implementing equivalent curricula (education programs) and the departments in the institutions in the beginning of each academic year in accordance with the “Regulations Governing the Principles for the Process of Transfers, Double Major, Minor and Inter-institutional Credit Transfer in Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs in Higher Education Institutions” and “Çankaya University Instructions for Transfer in Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs“. Transfers to Preparatory School, first and last semesters of associate degree programs and freshman and senior years of undergraduate programs shall not be done. For the application to transfer admission the cumulative GPA of the students must be a minimum of 60 out of 100 and they should fulfill the other requirements determined in the regulations. Transfer admissions are restricted (bounded) to the quotas determined by Faculty Boards and the orientation procedure of students are executed by the concerned boards. Furthermore, when the students with ÖSYS (Student Selection and Placement Exam) scholarship at Çankaya University are transferred to other programs within university, they retain scholarship. 


Vertical transfer
The principles regarding the admission of the graduates of Vocational School to undergraduate programs and the semester that they will register is determined by the concerned administrative boards in accordance with “Regulations for the Continuation of Graduates of Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate Programs to Undergradaute Programs ”.

Double Major and Minor Programs
Eligible undergraduate students may enroll concurrently in another double major or minor program along with their major undergraduate program.

Tuitions  fees (in Turkish)

Part-Time Job Opportunities
Students could be employed as part-time students in university’s computer laboratories, library, sports facilities, and places alike. The procedures for part-time job opportunities are executed in accordance with paragraph b of article 5 in Çankaya University Scholarship & Social Aid Instruction. 

Financial and Social Aid
This gratuitous aid is for the students of Çankaya University who are in need of financial support. The procedures for financial and social aid are conducted in accordance with paragraph a of article 5 in Çankaya University Scholarship & Social Aid Instruction.

Well-equipped Health Center with specialist doctors, psychologist and nurses provide service to all academic and administrative staff and students.

Student Exchange
Çankaya University carries out student exchange actively within Erasmus Programme. Information about practices of Erasmus Programme and contracted universities can be found on the following link: http://erasmus.cankaya.edu.tr/

There are many student clubs which organize activities in different areas. Moreover, Every year in May, traditional “Pasta Day” is organized.

Exams and Assessment
Examinations are done as midterms, final and resit exams.  At least one midterm is given in each term. Final and resit exams are given between the dates indicated on Academic Calendar every year. A student’s end of year grade is given as letter grades, on the condition of not being lower than the equivalences in the regulation,  regarding the results of midterm and final exams along with assignments and attendance. Resit exams are taken by the students who fail the final exam of a course and count as final exam grades.

Honor and High Honor students
Of the students within regular period of study who have at least 2.00 cumulative GPA, those who taken at least three  courses in the semester concerned except for the senior year and have scored between 3.00-3.49 GPA are qualified as Honor students; and the students whose Grade Point Averages are between 3,50 – 4,00 are qualified as High Honors. The lists of these students are announced at the end of each term.

Registration Renewal
At the beginning of each semester, students have to renew their registration within the period predetermined in academic calendar by paying the required educational fees and taking the approval of their advisors. Students are responsible for all the registration renewal procedure and they are obliged to register in person.

Student Advisors
For each student, an advisor is appointed by the student’s department. The advisor monitors the student, assists the student in educational studies and offers advice for the solution of the problems about the university life.

Compulsory Attendance
Students have to attend at least 70% of theoretical and at least 80% of the applied part of the courses. The periods of illness, imprisonment, familial issues and similar legitimate causes for absenteeism are not counted as absence unless necessary documents proving the excuse are provided.

Student Permission and Health Reports
Students who have just registered to the university are not entitled to leave for the first semester. After completing the first semester, permission requests need to be submitted to the relevant departments, vocational school or preparatory school directorates at the beginning of semester and within the schooling period with a reasoned request. The applications done after the determined period are not put into operation except for sudden illnesses and unexpected situations. For preparatory school, vocational school, and graduate programs, the maximum permission period is 2 semesters and for undergraduate programs the maximum permission period is 4 semesters. The periods in permission are not included in the study period.
The reports prepared by the doctors of Çankaya University Health Center and the reports obtained by the health institutions and organizations  deemed appropriate according to the 4th and 5th articles of  Çankaya University Student Health&Sanitary Affairs and Health Reports Regulationare valid. The health reports are regarded valid from the date and hour it is given.  Students are supposed to hand their reports as an attachment to a request in the Çankaya University Health Center from the end date of the report within 7 days at the latest; otherwise the reports lose their validity.

Student Clubs

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