General Information

The widespread use of information technologies and systems in all sectors has created the need for corparations and state institutions to hire professionals experienced in this area. Information Technologies graduate program provides opportunity for graduates of all disciplines. The target applicants are persons experienced in information sciences and willing to enrich their background or those who are at the beginning of their carrier and want to make good start.

The program has two choices for the attendees; with-thesis and without-thesis. The structure of the program may be adapted according to requirements of the students. If the applicant has a strong background in the subject area, he can concentrate on the more complex courses and projects. On the other hand, the program contains also proper courses for newly graduates of different disciplines.

All students have to take five core courses that cover fundamental aspects of Information Systems, Database Concepts, Computer Networking, Information Security and Management Information Systems. The elective courses are from various branchs including, artificial intelligence, web programming, management science etc.