General Information

Master of Science (MS) in Computer Engineering program is designed to deepen the student's understanding of fundamentals, while encouraging in-depth study of problems and new developments. The program aims to prepare students for career opportunities in business, government, and academic research and teaching.

The MS program will expose the students to the theoretical, technological and practical aspects of computer engineering. The main research areas are: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Parallel Computing, Text Categorization, Scientific Computing, Nanotechnology, Management Information Systems, Cognitive Science, and Natural Language Processing.

The MS program consists of two options: thesis and non-thesis options.

In both options, each MS student should take, but not in the first semester, CENG 590 Graduate Seminar during the MS program period.

In both options, each MS student should register compulsory courses CENG 501 Operating Systems and CENG 502 Computer Networks and Communication during the study. Thesis option students should register CENG 591 Special Studies and CENG 599 Master's Thesis.

Applicants must have a BS degree in Computer Engineering or in an engineering or science oriented field. Teaching language at ankaya University is English, thus each applicant must be fluent in written and spoken English. 

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