Electronic and Communication Engineering

Name Surname Duty Title Room E-mail Phone CV
zgr ERGL Acting Head of Department Assist. Prof. Dr.  e-mail2331309  
Serap ALTAY ARPALVice Chair Assist. Prof. Dr. A Blok 310-A e-mail2331329 
Halil Tanyer EYYUBOLU  Prof. Dr. A Blok 313-C e-mail 2331322 
Yusuf Ziya UMUL  Prof. Dr. A Blok 313-B e-mail2331324 
Orhan GAZ  Assoc. Prof. Dr. A Blok 213-B e-mail2331332 
Hsn Deniz BADEMR  Assist. Prof. Dr. L-116 e-mail2331323 
Selma ZAYDIN  Assist. Prof. Dr.  e-mail2331331