General Information

Goal: This program is designed to create successful expertise in different fields of interior architecture. Researches and thesis will be directly correlated with the market demands. In order to achieve the needed standards, students will perform original studies by having an advanced design discipline and including all types of practicing means in the field. The goal is to create a new systematic approach fitting and serving to the new needs of the contemporary strata; students and tutors will act parallel to realise an architectural point of view, such as "renovation of different spaces by utilising new building materials and techniques", "creation of different methodologies about the space & human relationship", "searching the new running systems in cost control or management systems for micro & macro planing strategies", etc.

: Students applying to master program should have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field of design. These are; Interior Architecture, Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, City Planning, etc.

Scientific Preparation Programme: Students may take courses related to the graduate program during the Scientific Preparation Program. But it should be noted that INAR 331 and 332 is a prerequisite to IAGR 501 for students with an architectural background and INAR 201 or 202 for students from other fields. Courses attended within the frame of Scientific Preparation Program cannot be accounted for the predetermined courses necessary to complete the graduate program.


Architecture INAR 331 Product Design (2-2-3)
INAR 332 Modular Systems (2-2-3)
Total Credit 6
City and Regional Planning INAR 233 Construction I (2-4-4)
Urban Design INAR 234 Construction II (2-4-4)
Landscape Architecture INAR 201 Design Studio I veya INAR 202 Design Studio II (4-6-7)
Industrial Design INAR 223 History of Art and Architecture I or INAR 224 History of Art and Architecture II or INAR 323 History of Art and Architecture III (3-0-3)
Total Credit 18