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Lecturer Ph.D. Faris Serdar TAŞEL
Nationality T.C.
Room No. L-221
Telephone No. 2331345
E-Mail fst@cankaya.edu.tr  /  fstasel@gmail.com
P.H.P. http://fst.cankaya.edu.tr/
Academic Domain
 Computer Vision, Image Processing
Academic Degree
University  :  Çankaya University
Faculty  :  Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Department  :  Computer Engineering
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  2004
University  :  Çankaya University
Graduate School  :  Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Department  :  Computer Engineering
Title of Thesis  :  3D Reconstruction of a Scene Using Stereo Images
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  2008
University  :  Middle East Technical University
Graduate School  :  Graduate School of Informatics
Department  :  Medical Informatics / Medical Image Processing
Title of Thesis  :  Detection and Segmentation of Mitochondria From Electron Microscope Tomography Images
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  2016
Foreign Languages
  Turkish Native
  English Advanced
Last Publication
 Yılmaz, M., Tasel, S., Tuzun, E., Güleç, U. et al, Applying Blockchain to Improve the Integrity of the Software Development Process, EuroSPI 2019: Systems, Software and Services Process Improvement pp 260-271. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Sep 18-20, 2019
 2016-2017 METU Thesis of the year award (Ph.D Thesis)

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