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Prof. Dr. Billur KAYMAKÇALAN
Nationality T.C.
Room No. R208
Telephone No. 2331432
E-Mail billur@cankaya.edu.tr  /  billur.kaymakcalan@gmail.com
Academic Domain
 Ordinary Differential Equations; Dynamic Equations on Time Scales (or Measure Chains) which unify, extend and generalize some aspects of Difference and Differential Equations; Difference Equations; Oscillation; Disconjugacy; Difference and Differential Inequalities; Delay Equations and Neutral Equations together with their Extensions to Dynamic Delay Equations on Time Scales; Population Dynamics; Stability Theory; Boundary Value Problems; Control Theory; Oscillation; and Mathematical Analysis
Academic Degree
University  :  Middle East Technical University
Faculty  :  Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Department  :  Mathematics
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  1982
University  :  Middle East Technical University
Graduate School  :  Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Department  :  Mathematics
Title of Thesis  :  Radial and Quasiradial Fourier Multipliers
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  1988
University  :  Florida Institute of Technology
Graduate School  : 
Department  :  Mathematics
Title of Thesis  :  A Unified Approach to Nonlinear Dynamic Systems on Time Scales
Country  :  USA
Graduation Year  :  1993
Academic Titles
     Asst.Prof.Dr.Middle East Technical University1993
     Assoc.Prof.Dr.Middle East Technical University1995
     Prof.Dr.Çankaya University2011
Foreign Languages
  English Advanced
  German Intermediate
  French Intermediate
 Nominated for GSU Academic Excellence in Scholarship Award, 2010

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