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Prof. Dr. Müslim BOZYİĞİT
Nationality T.C.
Room No. L-224
Telephone No. 233 1348
E-Mail bozyigit@cankaya.edu.tr  /  bozyigit@metu.edu.tr
P.H.P. http://academic.cankaya.edu.tr/~bozyigit
Academic Domain
 Parallel & Distributed Computing, Operating Systems, Computer Networking
Academic Degree
University  :  Middle East Technical University
Faculty  :  Engineering
Department  :  Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  1969
University  :  Middle East Technical University/University of Lagos
Graduate School  :  Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences/Computer Science Institute
Department  :  Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Title of Thesis  :  Computer modeling and simulat/heterogeneous multiple server queuing systems, TC/Nijerya(UNESCO 1973)
Country  :  Turkey/Nigeria(graduate level UNESCO program 1973)
Graduation Year  :  1972
University  :  Westminster University
Graduate School  :  Computing & Engineering
Department  :  Computing & Engineering
Title of Thesis  :  Parallel and Distributed Computing, Performance of reconfigurable dense multi computer systems
Country  :  United Kingdom
Graduation Year  :  1979
Academic Titles
     Asst.Prof.Dr.Middle East Technical University1980
     Assoc.Prof.Dr.Middle East Technical University1983
     Prof.Dr.Middle East Technical University2001
Foreign Languages
  English Good
Last Publication
  Shah, G. A., Bozyigit, M., Aksoy, D, . “Adaptive Pull–Push Based Event Tracking in Wireless Sensor Actor Networks”, International Journal of Wireless Information Networks, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 24-38, 2011

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