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Prof. Dr. Tanel DEMİREL
Nationality T.C.
Room No. K Blok 401-415
Telephone No. 2331248
E-Mail tanel@cankaya.edu.tr
P.H.P. taneldemirel.com
Academic Domain
 Political Life and Institutions. Turkish Politics. Liberal Political Theory
Academic Degree
University  :  Ankara University
Faculty  :  Faculty of Law
Department  : 
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  1989
University  :  Newcastle Upon Tyne
Graduate School  :  School of Social and Political Sciences
Department  : 
Title of Thesis  :  "A Limited But Strong State: The Politics of the Liberal State"
Country  :  United Kingdom
Graduation Year  :  1993
University  :  Bilkent University
Graduate School  :  Social Sciences
Department  :  Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Title of Thesis  :  "Political Party Elites and the Breakdown of Democracy: The Turkish Case, 1973-1980"
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  1998
Academic Titles
     Asst.Prof.Dr.Çankaya University2001
     Assoc.Prof.Dr.Çankaya University2004
     Prof.Dr.Çankaya UniversityArray
Last Publication
 2017 b-“Süleyman Sami Demirel,” Türkiye’nin 1960’li Yılları (Turkey in the 1960's), ed, Mete Kaan Kaynar, İstanbul, İletişim, 2017, ss, 529-538.

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