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Research Assistant Ayşe GÜNEŞ
Nationality T.C.
Room No. R215
Telephone No. 2331422
E-Mail aysegunes@cankaya.edu.tr
Academic Degree
University  :  Hacettepe University
Faculty  :  Faculty of Letters
Department  :  Translation and Interpretation (English)
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  :  2008
University  :  Çankaya University
Graduate School  :  Graduate School of Social Sciences
Department  :  Translation and Interpretation (English)
Title of Thesis  : 
Country  :  Turkey
Graduation Year  : 
Foreign Languages
  English Proficient
  Spanish Low
  French Low
Last Publication
 “’The Lottery’: A Modern Primitive Dystopia Originating from Religion .” Depiction of Utopias in English. Ed. A. Deniz Bozer. Ankara: Hacettepe UP, 2017. 135-147. ISBN: 9789754914436 (Chapter in a book)

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