Banking and Finance

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Mehmet Mete DOĞANAY Dean, Entrusted to Head of Department, Entrusted to Head of Department Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail2331258 
Mehmet Nihat SOLAKOĞLU Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail2331209 
Ece Ceylan AKDOĞAN  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail2331204 
Şenol BABUŞCU  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail  
Burak PİRGAİP  Assist. Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail233 12 18 
Deniz İLALAN  Assist. Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail2331212 
Elif Öznur ACAR  Assist. Prof. Dr. Banking and Financee-mail233 12 08 
Filiz AKYAZChief Secretary  Banking and Financee-mail2331203 

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