City and Regional Planning

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Zerrin Ezgi KAHRAMAN Head of Department, Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. City and Regional Planninge-mail2844500/245-215 
Deniz ALTAY KAYA Vice Chair Dr. Instructor City and Regional Planninge-mail2844500/295  
Ali TÜREL  Prof. Dr. City and Regional Planninge-mail  
Mehmet TUNÇER  Prof. Dr. City and Regional Planninge-mail0(533)4410104 
Ezgi ORHAN  Dr. Instructor City and Regional Planninge-mail2844500/ 390 
Suna Senem ÖZDEMİR  Dr. Instructor City and Regional Planninge-mail2844500 / 387  
Başak DEMİR  Lecturer City and Regional Planninge-mail 
Can GÖLGELİOĞLU  Lecturer City and Regional Planninge-mail  
Semih KELLECİ  Lecturer City and Regional Planninge-mail2844500/389  
Hakan ÜNLÜ  Instructor City and Regional Planninge-mail  
Damla YEŞİLBAĞ  Research Assistant City and Regional Planninge-mail  
Feriha Nazda GÜNGÖRDÜ  Research Assistant City and Regional Planninge-mail 
Ebru ÇELİKSecretary  City and Regional Planninge-mail2844500 / 139  

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