Civil Engineering

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Nevzat YILDIRIM Head of Department Prof. Dr. Civil Engineeringe-mail2331408  
Serhat KÜÇÜKALİ Head of the Division Prof. Dr. Civil Engineeringe-mail2331404 
Hasan TAPKIN  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Civil Engineeringe-mail  
Çiğdem DİNÇKAL  Doctor Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail2331405 
Esra ZENGİN Doctor Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail2331406  
Gence GENÇ ÇELİK  Doctor Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail2331401  
Halit Cenan MERTOL  Doctor Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail  
Salih TİLEYLİOĞLU  Doctor Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail2331500  
Seda YEŞİLMEN  Doctor Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail2331506  
Halil İbrahim ANDİÇ  Lecturer Civil Engineeringe-mail2331409 
Adnan TANFENER  Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail  
Ersöz ERDOĞAN  Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail  
Kadir Alp KARAKAYA  Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail  
Özgür MADENLİ  Instructor Civil Engineeringe-mail  
Arda ÖCAL  Research Assistant Civil Engineeringe-mail2331407 
Kadir Can ERKMEN  Research Assistant Civil Engineeringe-mail2331510 
Pınar ANILSecretary  Civil Engineeringe-mail2331402  
Serdar ÇOBANBAŞTechnician  Civil Engineeringe-mail2331507 

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