Department of Architecture

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Mehmet Harun BATIRBAYGİL Dean, Entrusted to Head of Department Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail2844500-164  
Cengiz ÖZMEN Head of Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail2844500-154 
Gülsu ULUKAVAK HARPUTLUGİL Vice Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail307 
Özgün ÖZÇAKIR  Department of Architecture   
Hüseyin Cüneyt ELKER  Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail340 
Aslı ER AKAN  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail  
Çiğdem GÖKHAN  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail2844500 / 224 
Fatma Gül ÖZTÜRK  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Department of Architecturee-mail2844500 / 381 
Ceren KATİPOĞLU ÖZMEN  Dr. Instructor Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/ 161 
Mustafa ÖNGE  Dr. Instructor Department of Architecturee-mail2844500 / 335  
Susana MARTINS ALVES  Dr. Instructor Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/465  
Timuçin HARPUTLUGİL  Dr. Instructor Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/ 443 
Zeynep Çiğdem UYSAL ÜREY  Dr. Instructor Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/441  
Ayça ÖZMEN  Lecturer Ph.D. Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/431  
Gülşah ÇELİK BAŞOK  Lecturer Ph.D. Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/464  
Ahmet Selçuk UYSAL  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail2844500 /472 
Leyla ETYEMEZ ÇIPLAK  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/431  
Oktay VERAL  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail2844500 / 279 
Rabia Çiğdem ÇAVDAR  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail03122844500/227 
Sıla KARATAŞ BAŞOĞLU  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail+903122844500/227 
Sıla ÇANKAYA TOPAK  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail2844500-394  
Yousef DANESHVAR ROUYANDOZAGH  Lecturer Department of Architecturee-mail  
Başak KALFA ATAKLI  Research Assistant Department of Architecturee-mail2844500-382 
Huriye Nur ÖZKAN ÖZTÜRK  Research Assistant Department of Architecturee-mail382 
Özge KARAMAN  Research Assistant Department of Architecturee-mail309 
Şafak SAKÇAK  Research Assistant Department of Architecturee-mail2844500-394 
Yeliz AKSU  Research Assistant Department of Architecturee-mail  
Banu ERDOĞAN BEŞERSecretary  Department of Architecturee-mail2844500/153 

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