Electronic and Communication Engineering

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Özgür ERGÜLActing Head of Department Dr. Instructor Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331309  
Serap ALTAY ARPALİVice Chair Dr. Instructor Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331329 
Yusuf Ziya UMUL Prof. Dr. Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331324 
Orhan GAZİ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331332 
Hüsnü Deniz BAŞDEMİR Dr. Instructor Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331323 
Selma ÖZAYDIN Dr. Instructor Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331331  
Ayşe Nur ACAR Lecturer Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331326  
Fatma Figen EREN Lecturer Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331372 
Muhsin Caner GÖKÇE Lecturer Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331335 
Ömer Kemal ÇATMAKAŞ Lecturer Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331326 
Ahmet Çağrı ARLI Research Assistant Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331313 
Mert BAYRAKTAR Research Assistant Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331328 
Nuray CİVELEKSecretary  Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331320  
Onur YURDAKULTechnician  Electronic and Communication Engineeringe-mail2331296  

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