English Language and Literature

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Özlem UZUNDEMİR Head of Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. English Language and Literaturee-mail2331458 
Ali Özkan ÇAKIRLAR Head of Division Lecturer Ph.D. English Language and Literaturee-mail2331444-2331527 
Hikmet Uğur ÖNER  Prof. Dr. English Language and Literaturee-mail2331418 
Niranjan Anthony Johann PILLAI  Assoc. Prof. Dr. English Language and Literaturee-mail2331561  
Berkem SAĞLAM  Dr. Instructor English Language and Literaturee-mail2331414 
Defne TUTAN  Dr. Instructor English Language and Literaturee-mail  
Fatma Neslihan EKMEKÇİOĞLU  Dr. Instructor English Language and Literaturee-mail2331417 
Halide ARAL  Lecturer English Language and Literaturee-mail2331416 
Yağmur DEMİR Lecturer English Language and Literaturee-mail2331415 
Ayşe GÜNEŞ Research Assistant English Language and Literaturee-mail2331422 
Çiğdem KIRCAOffice Clerk  English Language and Literaturee-mail2331286  
Ebru DEMİRTAŞSecretary  English Language and Literaturee-mail2331413  
Sinem YAVUZSecretary  Public Relations and Advertisinge-mail2331252  

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