Foreign Language Division

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Mustafa KIRCA Head of the Division, Unit Supervisor, Acting Head of Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331445 
Bülent İNALUnit Supervisor, Eng. Prep. Class Unit Supervisor Lecturer Ph.D. Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331040 
Aydan DOĞAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331050 
Ayşe GÜNEŞ  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331422 
Ayten GÜNGÖR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500/420 
Azime ÇERTEL Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331076 
Bilge ÇELİK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Burcu ATAY Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Ceren ATEŞER Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331063 
Ceyda YILDIRIM Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331058 
Cihat BURAK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail0312 233 10 58 
Çağrı ERİŞEN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500/ 434 
Demet ÖZMAT Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331065 
Diğdem SANCAK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail0312 233 1077 
Ebru SEVİ AKSOY Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331000-2315 
Ebru YEĞEN  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331551 
Eda Nur TİMUR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500/434 
Elvan ÇEVİK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331055 
Enes ALTUNTAŞ Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Erdem BİLİR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Esen METİN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500-420 
Fariya ATEEK DOĞAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331057 
Filiz Ayça BİLGETEKİN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331071 
Fulda KARAAZMAK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Funda DÖRTKULAK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500-420 
George SZKUTKO Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331059 
Gönül Damla ATAY Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331061 
Gülçin GÜLEÇ  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331477 
Gülten BABAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331067 
Güzide ÇALIŞKAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Kemal TÜRKAY Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331060 
Levent KARABULUT Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Leyla ŞAHBAZ Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331051 
Lütfi Umut ÇUHADAR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331056 
Merve DİNDAR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Merve HIRÇIN ÇOBAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Meryem MOLDUR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331064 
Mustafa GÜNEŞ  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331550 
Müge YILMAZ Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Müslüme DEMİR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331475 
Nazan CAKCAK  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331552 
Nilay DİNÇ ALTUN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Nilüfer AKIN TAZEGÜNEY  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331476 
Nimet Mine BASKAN  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331479 
Özden ÖZTOK Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Özge GÜVENÇ  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331479 
Pınar KURTOĞLU Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Rudolf Peter JELEN  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500-393 
Saliha TOSCU Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Satmen İLHAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331070 
Selvin TÜMER Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331000-2314 
Sema ABAL Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Sena BALBAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Sevilay SAKIZLI Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331073 
Sevilay KAPLAN ALTUN  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331552 
Sibel TAŞ Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331000-2313 
Sibel ERSAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Simla ARIKAN AÇIKGÖZ Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500/ 434 
Sinem MADEN  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331475 
Suna ÖZCAN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2844500/ 294 
Şadiye BİLGİÇ  Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331476 
Şule ÖZ Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331074 
Tuğba ÜNAL Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331054 
Tuğçe TAŞ DOĞDU Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331062 
Ufuk AKDEMİR Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail 
Zikri BİLGİN Instructor Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331000/1074 
Ezgi GÜRERSecretary  Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331040  
Yeliz YUKAYSecretary  Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331190 
Mustafa ÇETİNERTechnician  Foreign Language Divisione-mail2331045  

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