Interior Architecture

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Mehmet Harun BATIRBAYGİL Dean, Entrusted to Head of Department Prof. Dr. Interior Architecturee-mail2844500-164  
Nezih Burak BİCAN   Interior Architecturee-mail  
Gülser ÇELEBİ  Prof. Dr. Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 316 
Zühal ÖZCAN  Prof. Dr. Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/ 471 
Güler Ufuk DEMİRBAŞ  Dr. Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 218 
Gülru MUTLU TUNCA  Dr. Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 239 
Kıvanç KİTAPCI  Dr. Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/392 
Özge SÜZER  Dr. Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/216 
Papatya Nur DÖKMECİ YÖRÜKOĞLU Dr. Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/215 
Saadet AKBAY YENİGÜL  Dr. Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/194 
Çetin TÜNGER  Lecturer Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 223 
Gökçe ATAKAN  Lecturer Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/ 228 
Güniz SAĞOCAK  Lecturer Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 229 
Nazife Mine ÇELEBİ YAZICIOĞLU  Lecturer Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/ 194 
Serkan MERTYÜREK  Lecturer Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 223  
Zeyca ÖRER SÖĞÜT  Lecturer Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/378 
Engin DEMİROK  Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail  
İpek YALÇIN  Instructor Interior Architecturee-mail  
Ayşe Nihan AVCI Research Assistant Interior Architecturee-mail309 
Elif AKSEL  Research Assistant Interior Architecturee-mail0312 284 4500/309 
Emine Burcu ERYILMAZ  Research Assistant Interior Architecturee-mail 
Ebru KONUSecretary  Interior Architecturee-mail2844500/152  
Ali Tıbyan KILIÇTechnician  Interior Architecturee-mail2844500 / 361  

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