Materials Science and Engineering

Name Surname Duty Title Department E-mail Phone CV
Ziya ESEN Head of Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail2331395 
İlkay KALAY  Assist. Prof. Dr. Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail2331394 
Seniz Reyhan KUŞHAN AKIN  Assist. Prof. Dr. Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail2331502 
Ayşegül KAVAS Instructor Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering   
Güher TAN Instructor Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail  
Gülgün Hamide AYDOĞDU KURU Instructor Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail  
Semra TAN Instructor Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering   
Tufan GÜNGÖREN  Instructor Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail  
Ezgi BÜTEV ÖCAL  Specialist Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail2331505-2332330 
Hakan GÜNDÜZ Specialist Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail2331501 
Gözde EMİNOĞLU MURATChief  Materials Science and Engineeringe-mail2331392 

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