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Dear Readers,

The Çankaya University Journal of Arts and Sciences began in 2004 as the journal of our university's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. By the end of 2009 it will have appeared in six volumes comprising twelve issues. In the initial years, the journal aimed to serve the needs mainly of the university, but in more recent years it has gained a wider readership, and now occupies an important position among the journals published nationally. While our assessment of the point reached thus far is very positive, it is now our aim to go further: The journal has already passed from the level of a university-wide to a nation-wide publication, but we wish to see it gain an international readership, and be included on databases.

Tübitak Ulakbilim wrote to us in January 2009 with the recommendation that, for the purposes of the databases which are to include the journal, and following the 28.01.2009 committee assessment regarding its inclusion on the social studies database, the journal should be divided into separate sections, for the arts and for the sciences. 

Having studied this suggestion carefully, the decision was taken that,starting in 2010, the continuation of the present journal will be in three sections, each providing more specific areas of expertise. The journal will be divided by subject area as follows:

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