2016 - 2017 Summer Semester Opened Courses

Course CodeCourse NameWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
 WebOnline Web Page
 Preparatory School Web Page
ADA 106Büro Yönetimi TeknikleriWeekly Schedule
ADA 202Klavye Kullanımı IVWeekly Schedule
ALM 101Foreign Language IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ALM 102Foreign Language IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
BAF 102Graphical AnalysisWeekly Schedule
BAF 201Financial MathematicsWeekly Schedule
BAF 204Corporate FinanceWeekly Schedule
BAF 412Firm ValuationWeekly Schedule
CE 371HydraulicsWeekly Schedule
CE 382Reinforced Concrete StructuresWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 114Computer ProgrammingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 218Data StructuresWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 442Programming Language ConceptsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 460Introduction to Multimedia ComputingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
CENG 491Formal Languages and AutomataWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECE 311Fields and WavesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 101Introduction to Economics IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 102Introduction to Economics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ECON 413Agricultural EconomicsWeekly Schedule
ECON 426Introduction to Game TheoryWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 103Computational Tools for Electrical - Electronics EngineeringWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 201Signals and SystemsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
EE 205Electrical Circuit Analysis IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ELL 231Short StoryWeekly Schedule
ELL 331Survey of American Literature IWeekly Schedule
ELL 459Comparative LiteratureWeekly Schedule
ENG 121Academic English IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ENG 122Academic English IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ENG 221Advanced Writing SkillsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ENG 222Academic Presentation SkillsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HIST 201Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HIST 202Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
HUK 273İdare Hukuku IWeekly Schedule
HUK 274İdare Hukuku IIWeekly Schedule
HUK 343Eşya Hukuku IWeekly Schedule
HUK 344Eşya Hukuku IIWeekly Schedule
HUK 403Devletler Özel Hukuku IWeekly Schedule
HUK 404Devletler Özel Hukuku IIWeekly Schedule
HUK 407Miras Hukuku IWeekly Schedule
HUK 408Miras Hukuku IIWeekly Schedule
IE 227Introduction to ProbabilityWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
IE 366Manufacturing and Service Systems Planning IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 204Principles of FinanceWeekly Schedule
INTT 403International MarketingWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
INTT 413International ManagementWeekly Schedule
MAN 406Project ManagementWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 428Managing Innovation ProcessesWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MAN 436Consumer Behavior ResearchWeekly Schedule
MAN 439Services MarketingWeekly Schedule
MATH 101Mathematics for International Trade IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 102Mathematics for International Trade IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 107Mathematics for Business and Economics IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 108Mathematics for Business and Economics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 155Calculus for Engineering IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 156Calculus for Engineering IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 205Basic Linear AlgebraWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 255Vector Calculus and Linear AlgebraWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 258Introduction to Differential EquationsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
MATH 461Introduction to Modern Computer ScienceWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 114Computer Aided Engineering Drawing IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 202Strength of MaterialsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
ME 206DynamicsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PHIL 201Introduction to Philosophical DiscoursesWeekly Schedule
PHYS 131Physics IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PHYS 132Physics IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSI 324Culture and PoliticsWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
PSY 466Basic Therapy TechniquesWeekly Schedule
PSY 484Selective Topics in Clinical PsychologyWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TINS 421Special Topics in Translation: Discourse of LiteratureWeekly Schedule
TINS 422Translation ProjectWeekly Schedule
TINS 430Consecutive Interpreting IIWeekly Schedule
TURK 101Turkish IWeekly ScheduleWeb Page
TURK 102Turkish IIWeekly ScheduleWeb Page