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    --Interior Architecture
    --Department of Architecture
    --City and Regional Planning

  Art and Sciences
    --English Language and Literature
    --Translation and Interpreting Studies (English)

  Çankaya Vocational School
    --Banking and Insurance
    --Foreign Trade

  Department of Foreign Languages
    --English Language Division - Preparation Training Unit
    --Foreign Language Division - English Language Unit
    --Foreign Language Division - German Language Unit

  Department of Inter-Curricular Courses
    --Principles of Atatürk and Revolution History Division
    --Elective Courses Division
    --Elective Courses Division - Educational Technologies Unit
    --Elective Courses Division - Informatics Unit
    --Elective Courses Division - Ceramics Unit
    --Elective Courses Division - Painting Unit
    --Basic Engineering Division
    --Basic Engineering Division - Statistics Unit
    --Basic Engineering Division - Physics Unit
    --Basic Engineering Division - Chemistry Unit
    --Turkish Language Division

  Economics and Administrative Sciences
    --Banking and Finance
    --Public Relations and Advertising
    --Political Science and International Relations
    --International Trade

    --Computer Engineering
    --Electrical-Electronics Engineering
    --Electronic and Communication Engineering
    --Industrial Engineering
    --Civil Engineering
    --Mechanical Engineering
    --Materials Science and Engineering
    --Mechatronics Engineering


  Vocational School of Justice
    --Vocational School of Justice