Çankaya University Administration

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Academic Officers
Administrative Officers
Senato Committee Members
Board of Directors

Senate Committee Members
Prof. Dr. ÇOĞUN, Can Rector e-mail
Prof. Dr. GEÇİM, H. Selçuk Vice Rector e-mail
Prof. Dr. Müfit GÜLGEÇ Vice Rector e-mail
Prof. Dr. DOĞANAY, Mete Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dean e-mail
Prof. Dr. GÜLGEÇ, Müfit Faculty of Architecture, Entrusted to Vice Rector e-mail
Prof. Dr. İDER, Sıtkı Kemal Engineering, Dean e-mail
Prof. Dr. AKKOYUNLU, Buket Art and Sciences, Dean e-mail
Prof. Dr. TANRIBİLİR, Feriha Bilge Law, Dean e-mail
Prof. Dr. ÇÖRTOĞLU, İbrahim Sahir Faculty of Law e-mail
Prof. Dr. DEMİREL, Tanel Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences e-mail
Prof. Dr. BOZYİĞİT, Müslim Faculty of Engineering e-mail
Doç. Dr. GÖNCÜ KÖSE, Aslı Faculty of Art and Sciences e-mail
Doç. Dr. KAHRAMAN, Z. Ezgi Faculty of Architecture e-mail
Prof. Dr. ÇOĞUN, Can Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Entrusted to Rector e-mail
Prof. Dr. YAZICI, Mehmet Graduate School of Social Sciences, Director e-mail
Dr. Instructor ÖZSAÇMACI, Bülent Çankaya Vocational School, Director e-mail

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